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Name Tropical Food Manufacturing Ningbo Co Ltd Main Products Canned Tuna Canned Sardine Canned Mackerel Canned Salmon Canned Saury Pre cooked Tuna Loin Frozen Seafood Business Type Manufacturer Total Employees 501 1000 People Address 78 Binjiang Zhilu Xiaogang Ningbo China We are one of the leading manufacturers in the canned seafood industries in China our headquarters is in Malaysia founded in 1972 is an international famous exporter of seafood Tropical group has factories in China Thailand Chile Australia Indonesia and Malaysia We are the only factory in China Tropical Food Ningbo is established in 2003 covers an area over 65 000 square meters more than 700 employees we have 15 advanced...

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In Hot Sauce 155GFrozen Skipjack Tuna LoinMackerel In Club Can 120gSunflower Canned MackerelSardine Fish In Hot Chili400g Canned Mackerel FishTuna Canned In Brine 170gChunk Light Tuna in WaterTuna Canned 170g In BrineSalmon in Canned ProducerSkipjack Tuna canned 142gCertified Canned MackerelSkipjack Tuna 142g cannedChili 155g Sardine CannedWholesale Light Meat TunaTuna Canned Vegetable OilExport Of Canned SardinesAlbaocre Tuna Fish CannedChili 155g Canned SardineBest Canned In Hot TomatoCanned Salmon Fillet Fishsri lanka canned mackerelTuna Canned In Brine 160gEasy Open Lid Canned TunaTuna Canned 160g In Brine125G Sardine in VegetableTuna 160g Canned In BrineCanned Pilchard in TomatoTuna Canned 185g In Brine425g Cheap Canned SardineEU Approved Canned Salmon425G Canned Sardine Sauce425g Cheap Sardine CannedTin Packed Canned SardineCheap Canned Sardine FishCan Packed sardine cannedTraditional Salmon In CanCan Packed sardine in oilCasa Tropical Tuna In OilCanned Tuna Casa TropicalBQF 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SardineWild Alaskan Salmon CannedCanned Mackerel With HaccpHerring Fish Canned in OilMackerel Can in Hot TomatoSardine In Tomato Hot 125GCanned Skipjack Tuna FlakeTropical Canned flake TunaTuna Loin In Vegetable OilWild Caught Alaskan SalmonCanned Tuna for SandwichesCanned Seafood from NingboCanned Saury Fish In BrineCanned Fish in Soybean OilTop Quality sardine cannedCanned Pacific Saury SpicyBonito Chunk In Oil CannedMackerel Canned Oil FlavorCanned Tuna Fish with SaltCanned Light Meat Tuna 5ozHACCP Mackerel Fish CANNEDFrozen Yellowfin Tuna LoinLight Meat Tuna Chunk 140gMackerel Fish in Hot SauceHACCP Canned Mackerel FishCanned Sardine Fish In OilMackerel Fish In Hot SpicyExport And Import mackerelSmoked Salmon Fillet BrineCanned Mackerel hot Tomatosardine canned Top Qualitycanned Top Quality sardineCanned Tuna in Soybean OilHot Spicy SARDINE IN SAUCECasa Tropical Can MackerelCustomer Sizes And PackingTop Quality canned sardine125g Oval Tin Pack sardinePacific Mackerel IN 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Fillet In 125G CanSardineS In Tomato Hot 125GMackerel Fish in Hot Tomatocanned mackerel fish importCanned Tuna In Oil TropicalSardine Canned Use New FishSardine Canned High QualityMackerel Fish in Oil CannedMackerel Fillet In Can 120gTomato Sauce With Hot ChiliTropical Canned Tuna FlakesCanned Fish in Chili TomatoSkipjack Bonito tuna cannedTuna One Piece Good QualityFrozen Yellowfin Tuna SteakHot Spicy SARDINE IN TOMATOMackerel Fillet In Club CanWhite Meat Tuna Fish ShrededCanned Mackerel Tomato SauceTuna 160g canned Chunk LightHerring In Tomato Sauce 425gLithography OEM Can MackerelCanned Spiced Sardine in OilCanned Fish in Vegetable OilMackerel Canned in Hot SauceCanned Sardine Fish in BrineMackerel Fish In Hot 14.75ozSardines Canned Tomato SauceCasa Tropical chili MackerelCanned Mackerel In Hot SauceTuna Chunk Light canned 170gFrozen Yellowfin Tuna SteaksCasa Tropical Caned MackerelCanned Fish In Tomato FlavorSardine Fish In Tomato SauceMackerel in Hot Tomato SauceCanned Sardine 155g And 425gTomato Flavor Canned SardineTinned Packed Canned SardineTuna Canned In Brine 1.88kggPink Salmon In Vegetabel OilGood Quality Canned MackerelMackerel Loin in Soybean Oil125g Oval Tin sardine cannedCanned Tuna In Sunflower OilCanned Beans In Tomato SauceSkinless Boneless Salmon CanCanned Tuna in Vegetable OilCanned Light Meat Tuna ChunkPink Salmon In Vegetable OilTop Premium Wild Pink SalmonTropical Canned Sardine 400gCanned Salmon With VegetablePink Salmon in Sunflower OilTropical Sardine Canned 400gSardine Fish Importer CannedCanned Saury In Tomato SauceHigh Quality Canned Sardinescanned tuna in brine and oilProduce Canned Tuna in brineSalmon Without Skin And BoneTropical Canned Sardine 425gChunk Light Meat Tuna CannedFish In Vegetable Oil CannedMorocco Style Canned SardineAlbaocre Tuna Solid In BrineFrozen Seafood Tuna for SaleSardines In Tomato Hot ChiliCanned Sardine Fish in WaterOur Tropical Skipjack BonitoCanned Mackerel In Hot Spicysardines tomato sauce cannedPremium Grade Frozen SeafoodCanned Tuna and Sardine FishFrozen Yellowfin Tuna FilletMackerel Fillet In Club 120gTropical Sardine Canned 425gCanned Sardines In Hot ChiliSalmon In Brine Made PattiesAlbaocre Fish Solid In BrineMelva Canned Club Can BonitoFish Bone-less and Skin-lessPacific Saury Smoked in BrineCanned Casa Tropical MackerelMackerel Fish In Tomato SauceCanned Pacific Saury In SpicyHigh Quality in sunflower oilCanned Skipjack Tuna In WaterTropical shredded Canned TunaSardine Fish In Vegetable OilGood Quality Tuna loin in oilTropical Canned Mackerel FishTropical Skipjack Bonito tunaGood Quality Tuna Loin CannedTropical Canned Tuna shreddedFactory Price Canned MackerelTuna Loin canned Good QualityCanned Mackerel Fish In Brine170g Canned Tongol white tunaMackerel Canned in Hot TomatoTuna Loin Good Quality cannedCanned Herring Fish In Tomato170g Tongol Tuna White In OilExport And Import canned fishRegistered Mackerel in TomatoAlaskan Pink Salmon In CannedTropical Canned Tuna in brineTropical Mackerel Canned 400gAlaskan Pink Salmon With SaltSunflower Oil Canned MackerelTuna IN POUCH with VegetablesTropical Canned shredded TunaCanned Tongol 170g Tuna WhiteCanned Mackerel Fish in WaterCanned Tropical Mackerel 400gTraditional Style Pink SalmonCanned Saury In Vegetable OilLithography Can Mackerel FishCanned 160G Tongol Tuna WhiteBRC Certified Canned MackerelSardine Canned Fish in TomatoTropical Canned Mackerel 400gTropical Canned Mackerel 417gCanned Tongol Tuna White 170gFrozen Fresh Yellowfin SteaksCanned Tropical Mackerel 425gTropical Mackerel Fish cannedChunk Light Mackerel In WaterQuality Canned Sardine In HotTropical Mackerel Canned 425gCanned Mackerel in Hot TomatoTropical Canned Mackerel 425gHerring Fish Canned In TomatoCanned Tropical Mackerel 417gHigh Quality Tuna Loin cannedCanned Mackerel Fillet In OilHigh Quality canned Tuna LoinMackerel in Brine Flavor 425GTropical Mackerel Canned 417gCasa Tropical Canned MackerelCanned White Tongol MEAT 142GCanned White Tongol Tuna 142GCanned White Tongol MEAT 160GCanned White TONGOL Meat tunaCanned White Meat tuna TONGOLCanned Tongol Tuna White 142GCanned White Tongol Tuna 160GCanned Tongol Tuna White 160GFactory Price Mackerel in OilCanned Tongol White Meat TunaCanned Tongol Tuna White MeatCanned White Meat Fish ShrededMackerel Loin in Vegetable OilCasa tropical tuna flake brinePink Salmon Wild Caught CannedWholesale Price Canned SardineTropical Tuna in vegetable oilSardine Canned in Tomato SauceTuna in vegetable oil TropicalCanned Herring In Tomato SauceCanned Light Meat Tuna ShrededSardine Fish With Tomato SauceCanned Sardine 155g Net WeightTropical Canned Fish In TomatoTuna Skipjack in sunflower oilMackerel Fish Canned In TomatoQuality Canned Sardines In HotMackerel In Chili Tomato SauceTuna Chunk Light 142g In BrineCanned Sardines With Hot ChiliMACKEREL IN CANNED WITH TOMATOTop Premium Canned Pink SalmonBone-less and Skin-less SalmonTuna Chunk Light In Brine 142gSalmon Bone-less and Skin-lessSalmon Fillet In Vegetable OilCanned Mackerel in Spicy SauceWild Caught Pink Salmon CannedCanned Sardines in Tomato 155gSkipjack Tuna Canned In 1.88kgCanned Salmon in Sunflower OilCanned Sardines 155g in TomatoCasa tropical flake tuna brineWholesale Canned Jack MackerelCanned Sardine In Tomato Saucewholesale best canned sardinesCanned Sardine With VegetablesTin Packed Canned Sardine FishWild Caught Alaskan Pink SalmonCanned Mackerel In Tomato PasteWild Pacific Pink Salmon CannedHerring Canned IN VEGETABLE OILCasa Tropical Tuna In Oil FlakeCanned Mackerel with Hot TomatoCanned Sardine In Vegetable OilBonito Chunk In Oil Canned TunaCanned Mackerel Hot Tomato 417gTropical Skipjack Bonito cannedcanned sardine in tomatoe sauceTuna Fish Shreded In Oil CannedSpiced Sardine in Vegetable OilLithography Cans Canned SardineTraditional Style Salmon In CanCanned Mackerel With VegetablesTuna Loin In Vegetable Oil 120GCanned Pink Salmon Without BoneCanned Mackerel In Tomato SauceCanned Sardine in Sunflower OilCanned Herring In Vegetable OilCanned Sardines in Tomato SauceCanned Pink Salmon Without SkinCanned Fish in Tomato with ChiliCasa Tropical Canned Tuna FlakesCanned Light Meat 5oz Tuna ChunkCanned Light Meat Tuna 5oz Chunk125g Club Tin Packed Canned fishCertified Canned Mackerel in OilCanned Saury With Oil For RussiaCanned Sardine Fish In Hot ChiliSardine Fish In Tomato Hot Chili125g Club Tin Packed fish CannedColorful Printing Canned SardineCanned Saury With Oil For MarketMackerel in Vegetable Oil FlavorCanned Mackerel In Vegetable OilChinese Sardine In Vegetable OilCasa Tropical Pink Canned SalmonMackerel Canned in Sunflower OilTinned Packed Canned Sardine fishTop Quality sardine canned in oilHot Spicy SARDINE IN TOMATO SAUCE125g Club Tin Pack sardine canned142g Canned Light Meat Tuna Chunkfishing lights waterproof sardineWholesale Sardine in Tomato SauceMelva Canned Club Can tuna BonitoCanned Tuna In Oil Flake TropicalBone-in and Skin-on Canned SalmonCanned Light Meat 142g Tuna ChunkOur Tropical Skipjack Bonito tunaTop Quality canned sardine in oilLight Meat Tuna Chunk in Oil 140g125g Morocco Style Canned SardineSkinless Boneless Salmon in WaterCanned Sardines 155g Tomato SauceExport And Import mackerel cannedCanned Fish in Chili Sauce TomatoSardines In Tomato With Hot ChiliWild Caught Alaskan Salmon CannedHigh Quality Canned Skipjack TunaExport And Import canned mackerelCanned Tuna Loin in vegetable oilSaury Fish In Brine Korean FlavorCanned Mackerel Fish In Hot SauceMackerel In Hot Tomato Sauce 425gQuality Canned Sardines In TomatoTropical Canned Fish In Hot TomatoCasa Tropical Canned Tuna ShreddedTropical Canned Mackerel In TomatoCanned Salmon Salad With VegetableAlaskan Pink Salmon Canned FactoryCanned White TONGOL Meat tuna 160GCanned White Meat tuna TONGOL 160GCanned White TONGOL Meat tuna 142GExporting Delicious Canned SardineCustomer Sizes And Packing sardineWild Caught Salmon In Brine CannedSardine Fish In Canned With TomatoBest Canned Sardines In Hot TomatoTomato Sauce Flavor Sardine Canned125g Club Tin sardine Packed Canned125g Club Tin Packed sardine CannedCanned White Meat Tuna Fish ShrededCanned Light Meat Tuna Fish Shreded125g Club Tin Packed Canned sardineCanned Mackerel Fish In Hot 14.75ozTropical Canned Tuna flake in brineOur Tropical Skipjack Bonito cannedCan Packed sardine in vegetable oilTropical flake Tuna in vegetable oilTropical Tuna flake in vegetable oilTropical Tuna shred in vegetable oilCanned Mackerel Fish In Tomato SauceTraditional Style Pink Salmon In CanCanned Tuna Shred And Flake TropicalCustomer Sizes And Packing hot chiliTropical Skipjack Bonito canned tunatuna in vegetable oil Canned TropicalTropical Canned Tuna in vegetable oilBone-less and Skin-less Canned SalmonTropical Tuna canned in vegetable oilColorful Printing Cans Canned SardineCustomer Sizes And Packing sardine canWild Caught Alaskan Pink Salmon CannedCasa Tropical Canned Mackerel in ChiliCustomer Sizes And Packing hot sardineExport And Import canned mackerel fishTropical Tuna shredded in vegetable oilCasa Tropical Canned Mackerel in tomatoHigh Quality Canned Sardine In soybean OilCanned Sardine In Canned Sardine In QualityCasa Tropical Canned Tuna Shredded in brineCasa Tropical Canned Tuna in brine ShreddedCustomer Sizes And Packing sardine in chiliCanned Sardine In Canned Sardine soybean oilsoybean oil Canned Sardine In Canned SardineCanned Sardine In Canned Sardine High QualityCanned Sardine In Canned Sardine In High QualityCustomer Sizes And Packing canned sardine hot chili
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