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Name Tropical Food Manufacturing Ningbo Co Ltd Main Products Canned Tuna Canned Sardine Canned Mackerel Canned Salmon Canned Saury Pre cooked Tuna Loin Frozen Seafood Business Type Manufacturer Total Employees 501 1000 People Address 78 Binjiang Zhilu Xiaogang Ningbo China We are one of the leading manufacturers in the canned seafood industries in China our headquarters is in Malaysia founded in 1972 is an international famous exporter of seafood Tropical group has factories in China Thailand Chile Australia Indonesia and Malaysia We are the only factory in China Tropical Food Ningbo is established in 2003 covers an area over 65 000 square meters more than 700 employees we have 15 advanced...

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TunaWhite Meat TUNA CANNEDSalmon Canned in BrineTUNA LOINS FOR CANNINGMackerel in Dark Saucecanned mackerel exportCanned Tuna For RussiaCanned Skipjack In OilMackerel in Oil CANNEDCanned Sardines In OilSardines In Hot TomatoTuna Loin Good QualityMackerel in Hot TomatoTuna Fish From FACTORY170g Canned tuna lightSardine In Tomato 425gCanned Mackerel Tomatochunk Flake Shred tunaSardine In Tomato 155gTop Quality Tuna SolidFlake Shred chunk tunaMackerel Can in TomatoTropical Mackerel FishCanned Beans in TomatoPremium Steaks SeafoodSardine Fish in TomatoFactory Price MackerelPremium Frozen SeafoodCanned Seafood SardineBRC Certified MackerelCanned Herring FilletsCanned White Tuna Fishsardine canned moroccoCanned Fish Chunk TunaMackerel Fish in BrineMackerel Fish in PASTEFish with Tomato SauceCanned Mackerel FilletShredded Tuna in BrineColorful Printing CansCanned Mackerel FlavorTin Packed Canned FishMackerel canned in OilTuna One Piece QualityOil Flavor Fish CannedSalmon Chunks In BrineTuna 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170gCanned Tuna Fish BonitoSardines With Hot ChiliTROPICAL FOOD fish tunaSardine Process CanningCanned Tin Fish SardineCanned Tin Fish Herring185g Pink Salmon CannedPink Salmon 185g CannedBonito Chunk In Oil Can200g Pink Salmon CannedFrozen Yellowfin SteaksAlaskan Pink Salmon CanSalmon in Sunflower OilPink Salmon 200g CannedHerring In Tomato ChiliSardine With VegetablesFlake Canned Shred TunaFlake Shred Tuna cannedCanned Saury In Own OilTomato Sauce With ChiliTop Premium Pink SalmonMackerel Fish OEM BrandTuna In Oil Chunk FlakeFlake Shred Canned TunaWild Alaskan Pink SalmonCanned Mackerel in BrineMackerel With VegetablesVegetables With MackerelPink Salmon CAN 14.75 OzWild Pacific Pink SalmonAlaskan Salmon In CannedCanned Pink Salmon BrineFish Canned Sardine 425gCanned Baked White BeansFish Canned Sardine 400gLow Price Sardine CannedSardines in Tomato PasteCustomize Empty Can TunaSardines Canned ProducerCanned Mackerel ProducerIn Water with Salt AddedMackerel Canning FactoryTuna Canned in vegetableExporting Canned SardineTuna Fish Salad producerCanning Factory for FishMackerel Fillet 125G CANSardine Canned in TomatoTuna Pate Fish For ChildCanned Sardine in TomatoCanned Tuna For the KidsSaury In Water with SaltTuna producer Fish SaladCanned Saury Fish in OilTuna in Water And In OilLithography Can MackerelHot Canned Mackerel FishCanned Hot Mackerel FishSardines In Tomato SauceHerring In Vegetable OilSardines In Oil Or WaterSardine In Vegetable OilHot Canned Mackerel 425gMackerel Fish Canned OEMAlbaocre Tuna Fish SolidLithography OEM Can Fish425g Canned Sardine FishCanned Mackerel In SpicyHerring Canned In TomatoSardine In Hot Sauce 425Mackerel Fillet with Oilcanned sardine fish thaiPink Salmon 14.75 Oz CanCanned Tongol Tuna WhiteGood Quality Soybean OilPre-cooked Skipjack TunaMackerel In Tomato PasteBrine Canned Salmon FishTuna Fish Shreded In OilCanned White Tongol TunaHot Spicy CANNED SARDINECanned White Tongol MEATCanned Sardine Fish 425gCanned Sardine Fish 125gDelicious Canned SardineHot Spicy SARDINE CANNEDCasa tropical tuna brineMackerel Fish In OEM CanCanned White Tuna in OilOil Flavor Mackerel Fish125g Oval packed sardineMackerel Hot Tomato 425gCustomer Packing sardineTuna Canned in Oil 1880gProduce Canned Tuna Fish425G Canned Sardina FishCanned Chunk Tuna in Oil425G Canned Fish SardineCanned Mackerel In WaterHACCP Canned Fish IN OILMackerel In Brine FlavorMackerel In Tomato SauceSardine in Tomato CannedCanned Pink Salmon ChunkCANNED Mackerel With BRCLow Price Canned Sardinesardine fish in club canWholesale Quality CannedSardine in Brine and OilMackerel Canned With BRCSardine Canned DeliciousLithography Cans SardineBonito Chunk In Oil TunaCasa Tropical Pink SalmonSardine Fish In Hot ChiliSardine In Hot Sauce 155G425G Canned Sardine SauceCanned Pink Salmon in OilSardine In Hot Sauce 125GCanned Tuna Shredded 185gCheap Canned Sardine 425gSardine Fish In Hot SauceBest Canned In Hot TomatoCheap Canned Sardine Fish425g Cheap Sardine 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SardineEU Approved Canned SalmonSalmon Fillet In Oil 170gCan Packed sardine cannedTuna Loin In Oil CLUB CANChunk Light Tuna in WaterTROPICAL FOOD CANNED TUNAPink Salmon Canned FilletSardine With Tomato SauceMackerel in Sunflower OilCanned Mackerel hot chilisardine 425g tomato saucePink Salmon Canned in OilInstant Food Canned SauryCanned Pink Salmon ChunksSunflower Canned MackerelPink Salmon Fillet CannedWholesale Light Meat TunaPink Salmon Fillet In OilClub Can Tuna Loin in oilTinned Packed Canned fishCanned Tuna Loin club canCanned Salmon Fillet FishMackerel Canned With HaccpLithography Canned SardineCanned Fish in Soybean OilHACCP Canned Mackerel FishPacific Mackerel IN TOMATOHACCP Mackerel Fish CANNEDMackerel Can in Hot TomatoMackerel Fish In Hot SpicySalmon Fillet In Oil 1000gTuna In Oil Flake ShreddedAlbaocre Tuna Chunk in CanCANNED SARDINE WEIGHT 155GTomato Flavor Sardine FishPink Salmon Canned FactoryTuna In Oil Chunk ShreddedBest Canned Fish In Tomato425G/ 280G Canned 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14.75ozMackerel Fillet In Club 120gSardines In Tomato Hot ChiliCanned Sardines In Hot ChiliFish Bone-less and Skin-lessFish In Vegetable Oil CannedWhite Meat Tuna Fish ShrededSkinless Boneless Salmon CanTropical Canned Sardine 400gOur Tropical Skipjack BonitoSardine Fish In Tomato SauceSalmon Without Skin And BoneFrozen Yellowfin Tuna FilletCanned Fish In Tomato FlavorMackerel Loin in Soybean OilMackerel in Hot Tomato SauceCanned Tuna and Sardine FishCanned Sardine Fish in BrineCanned Sardine 155g And 425gMelva Canned Club Can BonitoCasa Tropical Caned MackerelCanned Saury In Tomato SauceTomato Flavor Canned SardineCasa Tropical chili MackerelSardines Canned Tomato SauceTropical Sardine Canned 425gMorocco Style Canned SardineCanned Spiced Sardine in OilPink Salmon In Vegetabel OilTropical Sardine Canned 400gSalmon In Brine Made PattiesCanned Fish in Vegetable OilHigh Quality Canned SardinesTop Premium Wild Pink SalmonCanned Salmon With VegetableProduce Canned Tuna in brineFrozen 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TomatoCasa Tropical Canned MackerelHigh Quality canned Tuna LoinLithography Can Mackerel FishHerring Fish Canned In TomatoCanned Saury In Vegetable OilSunflower Oil Canned MackerelCanned Pacific Saury In SpicyCanned Tongol Tuna White MeatTropical Mackerel Fish cannedCanned Tongol White Meat TunaTropical Canned Mackerel FishCanned White TONGOL Meat tunaCanned Mackerel Fillet In OilCanned Skipjack Tuna In WaterCanned White Tongol Tuna 142GRegistered Mackerel in TomatoCanned Tongol Tuna White 160GMackerel Canned in Hot TomatoCanned Tongol Tuna White 142GCanned Mackerel Fish In BrineCanned White Tongol MEAT 142GCanned White Meat tuna TONGOLChunk Light Mackerel In WaterTropical Canned Mackerel 400gHigh Quality Tuna Loin cannedCanned Casa Tropical MackerelCanned 160G Tongol Tuna WhiteMackerel in Brine Flavor 425GCanned White Tongol Tuna 160GTropical Canned shredded TunaCanned White Tongol MEAT 160GBRC Certified Canned MackerelTropical Canned Tuna in brine170g Tongol Tuna White In OilCanned Tongol Tuna White 170gTropical Canned Tuna shreddedCanned Tongol 170g Tuna White170g Canned Tongol white tunaTropical shredded Canned TunaMackerel Fish In Tomato SauceGood Quality Tuna loin in oilFactory Price Canned MackerelExport And Import canned fishQuality Canned Sardine In HotFactory Price Mackerel in OilSkipjack Tuna exporter CannedTuna Loin canned Good QualityTuna Loin Good Quality cannedHigh Quality in sunflower oilTropical Mackerel Canned 400gFrozen Yellowfin Saku SashimiCanned Tuna Salad Fish in oilAlaskan Pink Salmon With SaltCanned Herring Fish In TomatoBonito Tuna Packaging ProcessCanned Tropical Mackerel 400gTropical Canned Mackerel 417gSardine Fish In Vegetable OilGood Quality Tuna Loin CannedTropical Mackerel Canned 417gCanned Tropical Mackerel 417gtongol Tuna Packaging ProcessTropical Canned Mackerel 425gTropical Mackerel Canned 425gCanned Tropical Mackerel 425gSardine Canned Fish in TomatoAlaskan Pink Salmon In CannedPacific Saury Smoked in BrineTin Packed Canned Sardine FishSardine Fish With Tomato SauceCanned Sardine With VegetablesCanned Sardine 155g Net WeightSardine Canned in Tomato SaucePink Salmon Wild Caught CannedCanned Sardines 155g in TomatoCanned Sardines in Tomato 155gTuna Chunk Light In Brine 142gTuna Chunk Light 142g In BrineSalmon Bone-less and Skin-lessWholesale Price Canned SardineCanned Light Meat Tuna ShrededTuna in vegetable oil TropicalWild Caught Pink Salmon CannedTropical Tuna in vegetable oilTuna Canned Customized ProcessCanned Mackerel in Spicy SauceSalmon Fillet In Vegetable OilMackerel In Chili Tomato SauceTropical Canned Fish In TomatoBone-less and Skin-less Salmonwholesale best canned sardinesMackerel Loin in Vegetable OilCanned Salmon in Sunflower OilCanned White Meat Fish ShrededTop Premium Canned Pink SalmonCanned Sardine In Tomato SauceMACKEREL IN CANNED WITH TOMATOCanned Sardines With Hot ChiliWholesale Canned Jack MackerelCasa tropical tuna flake brineFish Tuna Chunk In canned 142gTuna Skipjack in sunflower oilCasa tropical flake tuna brineCanned Herring In Tomato SauceMackerel Fish Canned In TomatoQuality Canned Sardines In HotCasa Tropical Canned Tuna 170g142g Casa Tropical Canned Tuna170g Casa Tropical Canned TunaCasa Tropical Canned Tuna 142gSkipjack Tuna Canned In 1.88kgCanned Sardine In Vegetable OilCasa Tropical Tuna In Oil FlakeCasa Tropical chunk canned tunaTropical Skipjack Bonito cannedBonito Chunk In Oil Canned Tunachunk tuna Casa Tropical cannedTuna Loin In Vegetable Oil 120GHerring Canned IN VEGETABLE OILCasa Tropical Tuna Canned ChunkTuna Fish Shreded In Oil CannedTuna Fish With Vegetables saladCanned Mackerel Hot Tomato 417gCanned Mackerel With Vegetablescanned sardine in tomatoe sauceCanned Pink Salmon Without SkinLithography Cans Canned SardineSpiced Sardine in Vegetable OilTraditional Style Salmon In CanWild Caught Alaskan Pink SalmonCanned Sardine in Sunflower OilCanned Mackerel In Tomato SauceCanned Mackerel In Tomato PasteCanned Herring In Vegetable OilCanned Sardines in Tomato SauceWild Pacific Pink Salmon CannedCanned Mackerel with Hot TomatoCanned Pink Salmon Without BoneCasa Tropical Pink Canned SalmonCanned Fish in Tomato with ChiliCasa Tropical Canned Tuna FlakesCertified Canned Mackerel in OilCanned Saury With Oil For MarketMackerel in Vegetable Oil FlavorFish Sardine Canning Tin HerringCanned Saury With Oil For RussiaFish Process Canning Tin HerringColorful Printing Canned SardineMackerel Canned in Sunflower OilCanned Sardine Fish In Hot ChiliSardine Fish In Tomato Hot ChiliCanned Light Meat Tuna 5oz ChunkCanned Mackerel In Vegetable Oil125g Club Tin Packed Canned fishCanned Light Meat 5oz Tuna ChunkChinese Sardine In Vegetable OilTuna Canned Customized PackagingTuna Fish exporter Canned tongol125g Club Tin Packed fish CannedTinned Packed Canned Sardine fishOur Tropical Skipjack Bonito tunafishing lights waterproof sardineCanned Tuna Loin in vegetable oil142g Canned Light Meat Tuna ChunkSkinless Boneless Salmon in WaterSardines In Tomato With Hot ChiliBone-in and Skin-on Canned SalmonCanned Fish in Chili Sauce TomatoMackerel In Hot Tomato Sauce 425gWild Caught Alaskan Salmon CannedSaury Fish In Brine Korean FlavorLight Meat Tuna Chunk in Oil 140gWholesale Sardine in Tomato SauceCasa Tropical Canned Tuna In 142gTop Quality sardine canned in oilTop Quality canned sardine in oilQuality Canned Sardines In Tomato125g Club Tin Pack sardine cannedMelva Canned Club Can tuna BonitoCanned Sardines 155g Tomato SauceCanned Light Meat 142g Tuna ChunkHigh Quality Canned Skipjack TunaCasa Tropical Canned Tuna In 170gCanned Mackerel Fish In Hot Sauce125g Morocco Style Canned Sardinecanned fish with Vegetables SaladCanned Tuna In Oil Flake TropicalExport And Import mackerel cannedHot Spicy SARDINE IN TOMATO SAUCEExport And Import canned mackerelExporting Delicious Canned SardineTropical Canned Mackerel In TomatoCanned White Meat tuna TONGOL 160GCustomer Sizes And Packing sardineSardine Fish In Canned With TomatoCanned Salmon Salad With VegetableSkipjack Tuna Fish exporter CannedAlaskan Pink Salmon Canned FactoryTomato Sauce Flavor Sardine CannedFrozen Yellowfin Tuna Saku SashimiTropical Canned Fish In Hot TomatoCanned White TONGOL Meat tuna 142GBest Canned Sardines In Hot TomatoWild Caught Salmon In Brine CannedCanned White TONGOL Meat tuna 160GCasa Tropical Canned Tuna Shredded125g Club Tin sardine Packed CannedCanned White Meat Tuna Fish ShrededCanned Light Meat Tuna Fish ShrededCanned Mackerel Fish In Hot 14.75oz125g Club Tin Packed Canned sardineTropical Canned Tuna flake in brineCan Packed sardine in vegetable oil125g Club Tin Packed sardine CannedOur Tropical Skipjack Bonito cannedCanned Tuna Shred And Flake TropicalTropical Tuna shred in vegetable oilCustomer Sizes And Packing hot chiliCanned Mackerel Fish In Tomato SauceTraditional Style Pink Salmon In CanTropical Tuna flake in vegetable oilTropical Skipjack Bonito canned tunaTropical flake Tuna in vegetable oilTropical Tuna canned in vegetable oilTropical Canned Tuna in vegetable oilBone-less and Skin-less Canned Salmontuna in vegetable oil Canned TropicalColorful Printing Cans Canned SardineCustomer Sizes And Packing sardine canCasa Tropical Canned Mackerel in ChiliCanned Tuna Salad Fish with vegetablesExport And Import canned mackerel fishCustomer Sizes And Packing hot sardineWild Caught Alaskan Pink Salmon CannedTropical Tuna shredded in vegetable oilCasa Tropical Canned Mackerel in tomatoTuna Canned Customized Packaging ProcessHigh Quality Canned Sardine In soybean OilCanned Sardine In Canned Sardine In QualityCasa Tropical Canned Tuna Shredded in brineCasa Tropical Canned Tuna in brine ShreddedCustomer Sizes And Packing sardine in chiliCanned Sardine In Canned Sardine soybean oilsoybean oil Canned Sardine In Canned SardineCanned Sardine In Canned Sardine High QualityCanned Sardine In Canned Sardine In High QualityCustomer Sizes And Packing canned sardine hot chili
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